About Me

Brent Kloecker is very big on animal rights advocacy. It all started with his own pets: After trying to take a feral cat to the shelter and finding that they would not take her, he took compassion and decided to take her home. The cat and his border collie/lab mix (also a rescue from the SPCA) became the best of friends. After seeing firsthand what an impact you can have on an animal’s life, he decided to see how he could continue to give back to the community. Having studied in the field of criminal justice for a couple of years, Brent Kloecker has been able to apply that to how he lives his life. On top of animal rights, he also regularly gives presents to unfortunate children in Mexico and gives readily to the homeless. He has also mentored and given his time to supporting recovering addicts, alcoholics, and divorced men as well as donated to the local law enforcement officials. In his free time, Brent Kloecker enjoys mountain biking, art, and attending church.


Brent Kloecker Portfolio